State police have robots like one that stopped Dallas sniper

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He kept police at bay for hours - but in the end the Dallas cop killer was not taken out by a gun - but by a robot.

The Michigan State Police have a few robots of their own and showed FOX 2 how they use them.

The Dallas sniper was killed by a police robot which detonated an explosive device. It is believed to be  the first time in US law enforcement history.

Michigan State Police's bomb squad has their own team of robots. This is Lucky, he is 500 pounds, has the power to rip off a door and the dexterity to pick up a Styrofoam cup of water.

Lucky is used in life and death tactical situations.

"This is the stationary weapon we put on here," said  Ashland Bray of the Michigan State bomb squad. "It is a modified 12-gauge shotgun barrel (with) a laser-guided aiming system and we utilize these to disrupt packages and IEDs."

The MSP robots have the same capabilities as the Dallas robot but there has not been a situation where deadly force was needed.

"It has the capability of deadly force," said Lt. Michael Shaw. "It would be the same deadly force I would use with my own handgun. It would be a last resort."

The robot has cameras around its body and can climb stairs like a human would. It can open cars, doors, drag suspects or for HAZ-MAT situations.

Bray said the robot can be used for barricaded situations.

Shaw said that the service is provided by MSP free of charge to federal, local and county law enforcement forces.