Staying safe in the dangerous high temperatures

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How are you keeping cool in this heat wave? It's not just about comfort, it's about health and safety.

FOX 2: What's more important, health or Pokémon?

"Pokémon," quipped Amanda Klesh.

Apparently so. Amanda has been out for hours in 90-plus degree day, no sun screen on.

"I am staying cool with water, I froze it so I have ice cold water now," she said.

It is good that she's drinking water. But combine heat and drinking alcohol?

"Alcohol can also cause you to be dehydrated, which along with the heat can lead to some bad issues," said Dr. Matt Warpinski, Beaumont of Farmington Hills.

Bad issues have increased trips to the hospital.

"We have been starting to see a few patients who have come in with heat-related emergencies," said Warpinski. "Usually it's the elderly who have either not in a home that has air conditioning or they're not able to get to enough water. Things like that.

And statistics show that Michigan averages about five deaths per year related to heat.

"(I'm) 92," said Julie Moeller.

FOX 2: "You're in a hot car. Why?"

"We have to run errands," she said adding she keeps cool by going back home and "turning the air conditioner on."

Good advice, but what if you have to work outside?

"You try to start a little earlier in the morning," said Darrell Lewis, worker from Pontiac Ceiling. "Take a few extra water breaks, and every now and again I jump inside with the air conditioner."

Now getting back to that alcohol. doctor, heat and alcohol, do they mix?

"Again, alcohol and lots of activities don't mix very well," Warpinski said. "So you always have to be careful when you're doing something that could be life-threatening. So stay away from the alcohol as best you can when it's this hot. keep hydrated and don't do anything out of the ordinary, I guess."