Sterling Heights police shoot man who pointed gun toward them

A man was critically injured in an officer-involved shooting in Sterling Heights early Monday.

Chuck Maxon's dog woke him up around 3:30 a.m. and when he stepped outside, it was anything but peace and quiet in his mobile home community.

"I heard them arguing a few trailers down. Pretty loud back and forth. He was threatening her, and she was screaming back," he said. 

Chuck recorded the sounds of his neighbors involved in what appeared to be a verbal argument. As the sounds escalated, he became concerned.

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"I came in, I was thinking about calling the police," he said.

That's when Chuck heard gunfire.

"Then I called 911 and they said police were already there and then I realized someone probably came out with a weapon and that was the cops shooting," he said.

The incident turned the mobile home community in the 40000 block of Bonaparte Avenue, which is near Van Dyke and Utica, into a crime scene.  Police say when they arrived, they were directed to a home where the problem started. When they got there, the suspect emerged from the home with a gun pointed at the police.

No officers from the Sterling Heights Police force were injured, but the suspect was shot multiple times by police. The suspect was taken to the hospital where he's in critical condition. 

Michigan State Police are now the lead investigators on this case. Lt Mike Shaw said around 5:30 a.m. they were contacted by Sterling Heights police.

"We recovered one weapon. We are continuing to go through the process now of looking for video," he said.

Investigators say they will continue to collect evidence and turn the information over to the prosecutors officer for review for charges.

Police say that all officers involved have been placed on administrative leave.