Sterling Heights veteran goes missing leaving family desperate for answers

A missing Sterling Heights man's family is in agony this Valentine's Day.

Loved ones of John Williams Jr. is in shock saying he is known for making everyone smile - but now they're driving around looking for him while police also investigate.

Police say on Thursday afternoon Williams checked into the VA Hospital in Detroit for an appointment. He checked out about 40 minutes later.  His wife Beverly says several family members called him, but his phone went straight to voicemail and they haven’t heard from him since. 

"I really don't know what to feel I'm in disbelief," said Beverly, who has spent the last 25 Valentine's Days with her husband John. "(He) is a nice, fun person. He's a grandfather and a dad."

But this time she is surrounded by family and friends while her best friend is nowhere to be found.

"This house is full of people and we are just waiting on him," she said. "We just want him to come home."

"He's been a tremendous strength, he will make you smile when you're down and that's needed," his sister said.

Williams is a stroke survivor and is partially paralyzed on his right side. The family says John overcame that adversity and does not struggle with any mental illnesses.

John's family is holding on to hope that their rock will come home fast.

"I tell you almost every day that I love you," his sister said. "Please know that, and come back home. Please know that I need you, Bev needs you." 

The Williams family says he is about 5 feet, 9 inches and is wearing a black coat, a blue sweater and blue pants. They say he also likes to go sit by the water in Belle Isle.

John Williams, Jr.