Storm damage hits Grosse Pointes hard on Monday

Storms hit the Grosse Pointes hard Monday, but as bad as the damage is, the Eschenburgs are counting their blessings. Husband and Wife both had scary encounters with storm damage just minutes apart from each other. 

Chris's SUV got hit by a tree while he was in it and then, moments later, a tree fell on his house while his wife was inside. 

Straight-line winds toppled a tree near Bishop and Jefferson onto Chris's SUV while he was behind the wheel.

"It smashed my windshield, the sun roof came down," he says. "And there were tree branches, pieces of wood, stuck into the dashboard." He's okay, but sore and a little shaken up. 

"The same time, within a four-minute window, we were both sending each other texts and phone calls - 'A tree just fell on me' (and then) 'A tree just fell on my house,'" his wife, Indra, says. She wasn't hurt. 

Trees fell on a number of houses Monday, with a home on Berkshire maybe seeing the worst the storm had to offer. Wind gusts topped out at 55 mph, snapping pole and trees like twigs. 

"It went anywhere from 30 seconds to two minutes of just crazy wind," said Marty McMillan. "It just snapped off. That tree was probably 150 feet tall."

The McMillans are also just one of many families without power. DTE Energy says most people should have their power restored by end of the day Tuesday. 

Tap here for the DTE Energy Outage Map.