Stormy Daniels hits the Detroit stage with Trump impersonator

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The porn star who claims to have had an affair with Donald Trump is in town, stripping to a sold-out crowd on Eight Mile Road. 
Stormy Daniels is in town and her visit is drawing a lot of attention and a big crowd. Many say they are curious to see the woman who is constantly making headlines when it comes to our president.    

Wednesday night Daniels and President Donald Trump were in the same room - which is the last thing you would expect these days - unless it's on stage at the Truth Detroit strip club.

"I think he impersonates me," quipped the fake Donald.  the impersonator. "He looks like me. My name is Donald and I am here to see Stormy."

FOX 2: "What are you going to do on stage?"

"We are going to figure something out," he said. "It will be very tasteful I'm sure."

Stormy Daniels was not looking to discuss it as she ducked in the back door of the strip club. After two cancelled performances - she is expected to give the crowd a few shows Wednesday night.

Her revealing appearance drew a couple of protesters and plenty of new customers.

Even Phillip Chlockl visiting from Germany.

"Lately you heard a lot of crazy things about her and Donald Trump," he said. "So I decided to, once she is here, basically to check out what is going on."

The adult film actress whose real name is Stephanie Clifford is performing in Detroit, days after appearing in federal court with Michael Cohen - Donald Trump's long-time attorney.

Cohen reportedly paid her $130,000 dollars to stay silent about her affair with Trump back in 2006.

Our Charlie Langton caught up with Stormy earlier as she picked up her dancing license. She apparently not interested in talking about her legal battles.

"I love my job and I am happy to be here in Detroit, I always look forward to being here," she said. "No politics, right, no politics."

No politics - but that is apparently what her show is based on.  We are told the average adult film star gets paid around $15,000 to perform and Stormy Daniels only charged $3,000.