Substitute teacher caught on camera roughing up 3rd graders

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A substitute teacher is accused of roughing up some third graders at a Detroit school.

The incidents were caught on video and parents want answers.

FOX 2 is told parents of the students involved were absolutely livid about what happened and other parents were made aware about what took place right outside of a classroom last week.

Sources tell FOX 2 the man seen on camera shaking and hitting a student is a substitute teacher at Mackenzie Elementary Middle School.

FOX 2 obtained video of the incident which is said to have happened Friday. It also shows the teacher talking with another student outside of class and shoving her as she tries to walk back inside.

Sources say the students are from a third grade class that has not had a permanent teacher in months.

FOX 2 showed the video to people who live in the same west side Detroit neighborhood near the school.

"Nobody should put they hands on nobody's kids, why," said parent Darling Smith.  "Why are you literally shaking somebody's kid? Like, what if something happened?"

FOX 2: "What was it like seeing that? Horrible."

"Hands on a student, no," said another concerned parent Antonio Sain. "His hands should be at his side talking to the child."

Sources say the class is normally difficult to manage and has had a lot of turnover.

The school removed a teacher consultant that was over the class and the replacement quit the job. Since then, sources say, there's been substitute after substitute teaching this third grade class.

FOX 2: "Is there any justification for what you saw?"

"No," Sain said. "I would like to see him explain himself. no justification at all."

There are still unanswered questions including what circumstances led to the students being taken outside the classroom or what has happened to the sub, since.