Summertime foot odor - what to do when smelling trouble

It's summertime and for some that means hot, sweaty, stinky feet. 

Whether you're wearing sneakers, cleats or athletic sandals, moisture in your shoes can lead to odor and even infections, like athlete's foot.
Dr. Joy Rowland, a podiatrist at Cleveland Clinic, says odor-causing bugs love sweaty shoes. 

"Bacteria and fungi and all those lovely little bugs, love heat and moisture and darkness and that's the best place inside your shoes," she said.

Rowland has tips to stop the stink at the source. 

She says a good place to start is by cleansing your feet every day - and we're not talking a quick shower. 

She recommends soaking stinky feet in a vinegar and water solution or Epsom salt solution.
If you prefer the shower, it's important to wash your feet and scrub between the toes. 

Whatever cleansing method you choose, be sure to dry your feet well.

Rowland says unpleasant odor comes from moisture, so it's important to keep feet, shoes and socks dry. 

If your socks are sweaty - don't put them back on.

Always opt for a dry pair instead and carry several dry pairs with you.

You can also try spraying your shoes with a general purpose disinfectant spray.

"Take the insole out of the shoe, lightly spray on the insole," Rowland said. "Let dry for 24 hours, put the insole back in the shoe, you're now treating the shoe also."

If you notice that your feet sweat a lot, Rowland says there are foot antiperspirants available or you can also try regular under-arm antiperspirant on your feet to help control moisture.