'Sunday Best Crew' providing homecooked meals for homeless Detroiters

Sunday Best Crew, a local foodservice distributor, has been preparing home-cooked meals for homeless Detroiters for the past nine months, providing both sustenance and joy to those in need.

It all started In October 2022, when Angel Flewellyn had the idea to prepare a Sunday dinner for people facing homelessness.

"Everyone deserves a home-cooked meal, especially on Sundays," Flewellyn said.

The Sunday Best Crew began by distributing meals only on Sundays but soon expanded its operation to provide food every day of the week.

"They've told me their stories, many of them lost homes, parents, they've had mental breakdowns," Flewellyn said.

The Sunday Best Crew can be found in the parking lot of the Rosa Parks transit center every day of the week

However, in order to efficiently continue their service, they need a food truck.

"A food truck would do all the justice," Flewellyn said.

To help raise funds for the food truck, visit their Gofundme.

To learn more about how you can help visit the Sunday Best Crew website.