Super Bowl 2024 commercials: What’s been released and what’s being teased

The Super Bowl is the most-watched American TV broadcast, boasting over 115 million viewers last year. 

A viewing audience that big is prime real estate for advertisers. FOX News is reporting that several sources are saying a 30-second ad is going for $7 million this year. 

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So, when the Super Bowl airs on Sunday, Feb. 11 – here are the notable commercials already hoping to leave an impression, and others that are still going for the element of surprise: 

Paramount Plus Patrick Stewart Super Bowl commercial

Perhaps the first Super Bowl commercial of the season to get buzz, Paramount+’s 2-minute ad, "Sir Patrick Stewart Throws a Hail Arnold," showcases its wide array of content offerings with an impressive cameo count: Patrick Stewart ("Star Trek"), Drew Barrymore ("The Drew Barrymore Show"), Jeff Probst ("Survivor"), Arnold from "Hey Armold" and Peppa Pig, to name a few. 

Uber Eats Super Bowl commercial

"Whatever you forget," just remember that Uber Eats delivers it. That’s the premise of this cameo-packed ad, featuring Jennifer Aniston forgetting she starred on "Friends" to Usher forgetting that he’s playing the halftime show. 

Doritos Super Bowl commercial

Two grandmotherly women ("Dina" and "Mita") chase after "Top Gun: Maverick" actor Danny Ramirez, who took the last bag of Doritos Dinamita from a store shelf, leaving actress Jenna Ortega behind.

Aubrey Plaza Baja Blast Super Bowl commercial

Aubrey Plaza is always having a blast, whether she is stuck in an elevator or being abducted by aliens — or reuniting with her "Parks and Rec" co-star Nick Offerman while riding dragons.

Leo Messi Super Bowl commercial

Lionel Messi’s Super Bowl debut shows off his soccer mastery and apparent loyalty to Michelob Ultra. In the ad, the soccer star also gets an assist from NFL legend Dan Marino and nod from "Ted Lasso’s" Jason Sudeikis.

Google Super Bowl commercial

Google's heartstring-pulling ad follows a blind man as he uses "Guided Frame" — Google's AI-powered accessibility feature for the Pixel camera that uses a combination of audio cues, high-contrast animations and tactile vibrations — to take pictures of the people and places in his life.

Dove girls’ sports Super Bowl commercial

Dove's ad begins seemingly whimsically showing young girls having mishaps playing sports to the tune of "It’s the Hard Knock Life." But the ad cuts starkly to a girl looking self-consciously in the mirror. The message: low body-confidence leads to girls quitting sports, not the mishaps.

Bud Light Super Bowl commercial

The Bud Light genie grants wishes — like giving someone '80s metal hair and someone else a giant bicep — to Bud Light drinkers. NFL legend Peyton Manning, rapper Post Malone and more also appear on screen. Super Bowl commercial

Actress Tina Fey has so many choices on the online travel agency site she has to hire body doubles: an influencer type played by her 30 Rock co-star, Jane Krakowski, to stay at a fancy hotel, a bigfoot handled by another 30 Rock co-star, Jack McBrayer, to stay at a cabin, and even actress Glenn Close, who stays on a farm.

BetMGM Tom Brady Super Bowl commercial

BetMGM sports betting is for everyone – except Tom Brady. "The truth is, you’ve won too much Tommy," Vince Vaughn declares. 

T-Mobile Jason Momoa Flashdance Super Bowl commercial 

Jason Momoa dances – and sings – alongside Zach Braff and Donald Faison in this new ad for T-mobile’s home internet.

Chris Pratt Pringles Super Bowl commercial 

What happens when Chris Pratt grows a stache and suddenly looks like Mr. P? Well, the world can’t unsee it. 

Kris Kardashian Oreo Super Bowl commercial

You’ve heard of heads or tails, what if a new way of making decisions involved splitting an Oreo to see which side the cream stays on? From the era of the dinosaurs to the inception of the Kardashian TV franchise, this commercial imagines a world where the "twist" of an Oreo could change everything. 

Kate McKinnon Hellmann’s Super Bowl commercial

In this Super Bowl commercial, a cat’s meow is mistaken for "mayo." 

Steve Austin Kawasaki Super Bowl commercial

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin tries out a mullet in this commercial for Kawasaki’s new side-by-side vehicle, the Ridge: "Business in the front, party in the back." 

Etsy Super Bowl commercial

Etsy has rolled out a new Gift Mode, which can help find the perfect gift for anyone you’re shopping for. That will be the focus of the company’s Super Bowl ad debut, set to air after the Super Bowl. 

Super Bowl teaser commercials

Some companies are still going for the element of surprise and have only released "teaser" versions of their big Super Bowl commercials. 

These have included:

Anheuser-Busch Super Bowl commercials

FOX News is reporting that Budweiser is attempting a rebrand with several Super Bowl ads after the company has dealt with boycotts and falling sales after posting social media spots with a controversial transgender activist.

FOX News reported Anheuser-Busch bought 2 and a half minutes of air time during the Super Bowl over three separate slots, and that a source said the commercials would feature sports stars, humorous characters from previous ad campaigns, and, naturally, Clydesdale horses. 

In "Old School Delivery," a snowstorm threatens to derail a delivery to a small-town bar. But a team of Clydesdales and a Labrador retriever team up to help Budweiser make the delivery.

This story was reported from Detroit. The Associated Press contributed.