Supporters hoping to save life of dog set to be euthanized

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Boomer, a Madison Heights pit bull mix is set to be euthanized for a crime his supporters say he didn’t commit.

“Unfortunately we were unsuccessful at the trial level, the court did find Boomer was responsible for the death of the dog,” attorney David Draper said.

The other dog was a Chihuahua named Chubbs. The attack happened last April. Boomer lived next door and was found in Chubbs' backyard.

“There would have been blood; nothing of that sort. In his case we would have loved the opportunity to prove via DNA that Boomer did not do this. I’m very confident that’s what the DNA would have shown, however the victim dog was cremated and destroyed so there was no evidence for us to check,” Draper said. 

“Animals jump into yards all the time, if they're next door neighbors to each other that proves absolutely nothing and that’s all Madison Heights has that Boomer was in the backyard,” Kim Pomaville said, who's a Madison Heights animal control volunteer.

So if Boomer didn’t attack the other dog, who did?

“Could have been another animal, another dog, a coyote; there’s coyote’s around,” Pomaville said. 

The guilty verdict has been appealed, but Boomer’s supporters say there is not a guarantee that his life will be spared. 

“We are no way discounting the tragedy of Chubbs but I don’t see how you can possibly live with yourself killing the wrong animal. That does not avenge anything. If we knew he did it that would be different but there’s absolutely no evidence other than the poor dog jumped over the fence,” she said. 

We’ve reached out to Madison Heights investigators and authorities but they have not gotten back with us. The owner of Chubbs has decided to speak with us to give her side of the story.