Survey: 55 percent of employees say they work 1-10 extra hours remotely amid COVID-19

A recent survey done by Fishbowl, a employee social networking platform, found that the majority of its respondents said they were are working up to 10 more hours at home than they normally would if they were still working from their offices. 

The survey ran from May 14 to May 17 and asked 16,585 participants if they were working more or less hours per week since many companies transitioned to having their employees work remotely because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

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More than 55 percent of the survey’s respondents said they were working between 1-10 hours more per week more than their normal amount ever since being asked to work from home by their companies. 

Many of the survey’s respondents reported working at companies like Facebook, Bank of America, Amazon, Google and thousands of others, according to Fishbowl. 

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FILE - A teacher works from home, communicating with her pupils through video and voice dialling, amid the coronavirus outbreak. (Photo by Douwe Bijlsma/BSR Agency/Getty Images)

According to the survey, New Jersey respondents were reportedly working the most overtime with 61 percent saying they have worked longer hours each week ever since their state’s stay-at-home order forced them to work remotely. 

Meanwhile, Indiana was recorded as having the highest percentage of employees reportedly working less with more than 37 percent. 

There was also a difference in reported overtime based on industry, with 61.14 percent of employees working in some form of consulting saying they were working longer hours than usual. Only 34 percent of employees in health care and law said they were working more hours than usual. 

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While many companies adapt to new changes caused by lockdowns aimed at combating the spread of the novel coronavirus, working from home has become the new normal for millions of employees, bringing about some other interesting statistics. 

Here are some other notable work-from-home numbers noted in previous surveys by Fishbowl: 

  • 54 percent of employees fear the potential of layoffs because of the fallout from COVID-19
  • 42 percent of employees say they drink while working from home
  • 62 percent of parents say they are unable to balance working remotely while taking care of their children
  • 29 percent of male workers say they stopped shaving
  • 53 percent of female workers say they stopped wearing makeup
  • 1 out of 10 employees say they don’t wear pants on their Zoom calls