Suspect charged with video voyeurism for hidden camera in charger

It’s an every day item you might never think twice about.

The Brevard Sheriff’s Office says a local man used a hidden camera in a cell phone charger to watch women showering in his home.

BCSO says he asked his niece to house-sit for him and she brought a friend.  Innvestigators say the women plucked the charger out of the wall, found a memory card in it, put that into a laptop, then saw the footage.

Jonathan Moist, 46, is now facing a felony charge of video voyeurism.

“It’s something you might not notice because it looks just like a regular charger,” said BCSO spokesman Tod Goodyear.

The Sheriff’s Office says Moist told conflicting versions of the story, about why the camera was in his bathroom and when he placed it there. It’s also not clear how many victims there are because the sheriffs office says some of the video clips were deleted when they got the camera.