Suspect in Detroit double murder of ex-girlfriend, another man is found dead in Kentucky

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The man who forced his way into a Detroit home, killing his ex-girlfriend and another man, has been found dead. 

FOX 2 has learned the suspect was an officer with the Michigan Department of Corrections. It appears he died by suicide at a motel room in Richmond, Ky. Monday night.  
Police say Monday morning he killed his ex-girlfriend Audrey Jones. Her family says she tried to distance herself from the suspect, but when he came to the house on Carter Street Monday morning he not only shot Audrey, he also shot Sylvester Kavetski -- her sister's boyfriend.

When the suspect began shooting, another of Audrey's sisters hid in a closet as another sister jumped from a window to her safety. She suffered a broken leg.

Through the tears and pain, Jones' father found the courage to speak about his daughter, Audrey. 

2 dead in shooting by man hiding outside Detroit house, police say

"It's terrible, it's like crazy, you know," said Lawrence Heath. "My son-in-law came here this morning around 6 or 6:30 and he said he came to bring daughter some clothes and a young man ... my daughter's ex, her ex-boyfriend she didn't want to be with, came and rushed him at the door. They were fighting because he had a gun in his hand, and he tried to kill him at the door.

"The man ran into the house and started shooting."

"[Sylvester] was just over visiting my other daughter," Heath said. "He was just caught up."

Ashley Jones said that Kavetski was trying to protect Audrey. 

Another one of Audrey's sisters, Kimberly, hid in a closet as another sister, Stacey, jumped to her safety. Audrey's 13-year old son Jeremiah was also inside the family home.

"He was in the house I'm sure he ran and hid," Heath said. 

As the police investigation continues, the family says their focus is justice.

"We're not a vengeful family so not out for blood, but we do need justice," Heath said.

"I've just got to figure out how to bury her," Heath said. "I always thought they would be burying me."

If you'd like to make a donation to the family in their time of need, you can do so via their GoFundMe account here. The second victim's family also has a GoFundMe, CLICK HERE.