Suspect wanted for east side store break-ins, arson

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Saeed's Market on Detroit's east side is one of three businesses hit by the same guy. 

His M.O. is break-in, steal cash and set the place on fire to cover it up. 

"What I took 10 years to build they destroyed in 10 minutes," said Abdur Rahman, owner of Saeed's Market.

The act of one man cost Abdur Rahman his life savings and his livelihood.

"Why set it up on fire? Take the money and leave, get out of here," he said.

He's one of three east side Detroit and Hamtramck businesses hit by the same guy seen in this surveillance video inside Saeed's Market on Dec. 11th. 

"It's a total loss as you can see I'm renovating from scratch basically," he said.

The video shows him rummaging through the cash drawer even dumping it over and trying to catch change in his pockets.

Then, he finds a safe in a cabinet. He tried over and over to get it cracked by slamming it on the group.

"Our hearts go out to the business owners and the community because these are the three fires we know about that he has committed," said Agent James Deir, ATF. "But there could be more and that's why we are asking for help" 

Deir says in each case the guy gets away with hundreds in cash, then lights the place on fire to try and cover up the crime.

"To have that taken needlessly for what a couple hundred dollars," Rahman said.

In his case it's costing $80,000 to rebuild what he lost. Meanwhile he's out of work and so are his employees.

"I have five additional employees and I feel bad for them," he said. "This was their bread and butter."

Rahman and the owners of the other businesses that were hit - Hamtramck Hardware and Indian Fashions, are hoping with reward money from ATF someone will come forward and put a stop to this guy. 

"I don't wish this on my worst enemy, no one should have to go through something like this," Rahman said. "It's sad."

There is $5,000 in reward money if you recognize the suspect. Report your tips by calling 888-ATF-TIPS.