Swartz Creek HS sings rendition of Hallelujah to announce snow day

If it's bitterly cold outside, and school is definitely going to be cancelled, officials might as well have some fun with it.

"Let me reiterate, we are not going to humiliate ourselves by singing a snow day song."

What ensues however isn't silly humiliation, but a rather delightful rendition of Hallelujah with a pleasing announcement of a snowday intermixed within the newly written lyrics.

The duo, initially flumoxed by the sound of a piano playing, both put on sunglasses and announce a snow day with such rewritten verses as:

  1. "I heard about a winter storm, it's cold and dreary, stay home stay warm, it's a cold and snowy winter morning"
  2. "It's goes like this, when the snow hits, the buses can't get out of it, it's a cold and snowy winter morning"
  3. "It's a snow day, a winter cold day, stay home and just play, it's a great family day."

Much to the surprise of the viewer, and (probable) relief of the district's students, the voices echoing match a tune that rivals even Rufus Wainwright and Leonard Cohen.