Take your party to the Detroit River with Aloha Tiki Tours

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Say aloha to Detroit, tiki style

Whether you are visiting from out of town or looking to throw a memorable summer party - welcome to paradise.

Aloha Tiki Tours are tiki boats that float down the Detroit River - launching from St. Clair Shores or Sinbad's in Detroit every day.

"I love it I never knew Detroit had such beautiful features it is wonderful," said Dorothy McKelvey.

"We saw these down in Florida and as soon as we saw them we knew we needed to bring them to Detroit River," said John Moylan, co-owner Aloha Tiki Tours.

"Because nobody wanted to paddle the bike riding one down this one is a lot easier - this is a lot easier sit down, drink and ride," said Allison Sweeney.

"A lot of people coming from outside of Detroit which I think is fun for us, because everyone has their own perception of the Detroit River and they come here on tiki and their perception is flipped upside down," Moylan said.

Each tiki boat comes with a Coast Guard certified captain, coolers and speakers. It's up to you to bring your own food and booze for the two-hour tour - just enough time to take it all in and not get too out of control. 

"I am on the water all day, I meet interesting people, everyone is having fun," said Capt. Matt. 

FOX 2: "Any crazy stories from the tiki tour?"

"None I can say," Capt. Matt said with a grin.

Through word of mouth and of course social media posts - Aloha Tiki Tours is in demand - which has John looking to expand his brand and keep promoting the city he loves.

"The attention and booking has been overwhelming so we just want to keep bringing stuff to the Detroit River," he said.  "The most common thing (we hear is) why did that go by so fast. And if that is the most common thing we are doing pretty well."

The number one question is how do they go to the bathroom - don't worry, they stop halfway through.

If you are interested - https://www.alohatikitours.com/