Target store in West Virginia partially collapses due to slipping hillside

Dramatic footage shows the aftermath of a hillside in a small town in West Virginia that resulted in the partial collapse of a Target. 

Drone footage captured by Jacob Tyler Meadows on Wednesday, Feb. 14 shows the corner of the Target store barely holding together with a giant crack going through the foundation. 

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The Target, located in Barboursville, West Virginia, roughly 157 miles East of Cincinnati, was closed on Feb. 2 due to the hillside slip. 


A slipping hillside caused a Target store to partially collapse in Barboursville, West Virginia.

Barboursville Police Chief Daren McNeil told local media Thursday that Target officials plan to tear down the back section of the building, according to Storyful. 

No timeline was immediately provided on the demolition and when the store could reopen.