Task Force on Black Male Engagement cheers on students coming to school

Students are entering the final stretch of the school year, and a task force of African American men is working to help boost kids' enthusiasm for learning.

They lined up outside Madison Carver Academy Monday morning to welcome and cheer on students as they came to school. It's something normally reserved for the first day of school, but a little motivation and encouragement goes a long way. 

"Its always important to see the men out here encouraging the kids, not just the first day of school but throughout the year because that's how you reveal those relationships. It's one thing to be here with the kids when everyone is showing that excitement, but when people are then turning their attention on to other things, that's when we need to be there the most, and make sure our presence is there," Detroit councilmen James Tate told us.  

The group that was cheering kids on is the Task Force on Black Male Engagement. It was started through a city council resolution in 2014. 

Tate explains the task force essentially is trying to identify ways to showcase and highlight the black males in a different perspective. 

"In many situations you see black males and not necessarily in the top of the attainment when you look at charts across the board. What this is an opportunity for our men in the community to show themselves, be present and be involved in our children's lives just in our neighborhood. So we are excited about all of the men to come out, again, volunteers could be anywhere this morning, at home in their cozy beds or whenever, but they decided to be here for us and we're thankful for it," Tate said. 

The task force has several other events coming up. You can get more information online here