Taylor motorcyclist with 10 DUI convictions arrested for driving while intoxicated

A 55-year-old Taylor man is in jail for Drunk Driving, but this case is anything but typical.

A Michigan State Police sergeant was driving home from his shift Saturday on I-94 westbound near Telegraph when he saw a man on his motorcycle, speeding, weaving and at times taking both hands off the handle bars. 

Police pulled him over, he failed a field sobriety test then they discovered he had ten prior drunk driving convictions.

"You know once, maybe twice but 10 Times that's jail time for sure," Kiefer Brown said.
As it turns out the man was driving illegally, his drivers licensed had been revoked. 

He refused to be tested for alcohol and Michigan State Police had to get a search warrant and a blood alcohol test was eventually conducted. 

The habitual drunk driver is behind bars awaiting former charges.
"You know you're putting other people's lives at risk, 10 Times at that," Brown said.

"I hope he's never on the road, he's a hazard to the public, it's blatant disregard for others safety and his own," Julian Valeri said.