Taylor teen gets 10-15 years for fatal stabbing during fight over Adderall pills

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A Taylor teen was sentenced Wednesday for a deadly stabbing in Huron Township.

Police say the victim was trying to break up a fight between his sons and other teens when Stacy Rose Jr. delivered a fatal blow.

"Therefore it is the sentence of this court, Mr. Rose, that you be sentenced to serve a minimum of 10 years," said Judge Lawrence Talon.

Rose, 18, was visibly stunned after Judge Talon sentenced him to 10-15 years in prison.

"Since this is a conviction following a trial, you're entitled to an appellate review of your sentence," Talon said.

Rose was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for fatally stabbing Robert Briscoe back in August. The 49-year-old died trying to break up a melee involving his sons and Rose. 

The fight was over stolen Adderall pills.

Sandi Briscoe, the victim's sister, gave a thumbs up on the way out of the courtroom.

"I'm pleased with the verdict as it was," she said. "I think it should've been a longer sentence, but we'll take what we got."

Rose's sentencing was initially set for Dec. 19, but Talon delayed it to consider the lengthy arguments made by both prosecutors and Rose's lawyer, who said the stabbing was an accident.

"He struck my client in the left temple," said Marc Lakin, defense attorney. "He came up beside him and struck him in the head. And as Mr. Rose the defendant said, he had a natural reaction. He had a knife that he picked up off the ground. He swung it to his left and he didn't even know what he hit."

Wednesday morning Judge Talon threw the book at Rose.

"I find your rehabilitative potential low or nil at the present time," Talon said.  "I can only imagine the experience of killing a man changes one forever. But how that changes one, I don't know. And with your track record, I'm not optimistic."

Stacy Rose's lawyer says they plan to appeal the case.