Teacher working as crossing guard still in critical condition

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A teacher who was working Friday morning as a crossing guard to ensure students got to school safely is still fighting to live after last Friday's accident.

Angeles White teaches spanish at Prevail Academy in Mt. Clemens. Last Friday, she was serving as a crossing guard when she was hit by a passing minivan. 

The teacher was rushed to the hospital with critical injuries.

Nobody else was injured in the accident. The sheriff's office said the driver is cooperating with deputies.

"I don't want to elaborate until I get the facts from my team," Sheriff Anthony Wickersham said. "Still trying to figure that out... Trying to ascertain... There obviously were no children in the roadway at the time of crash trying to figure out if kids were on sidewalk or had already crossed."

Wickersham said it doesn't appear that alcohol was a factor in the accident. It's not known if charged will be issued. 

After the tragic crash, parents are saying they want to see more than crossing guards. They want to see a traffic light put here at this intersection

“people just speed down there it's like they disregard that a school is there," Mary Noblit, whose niece goes to Prevail, said. "There has to be a light put up there." 

Fox 2 reached out to school officials and are still waiting on a response.