TechTown still holds Retail Boot Camp for brick and mortar store owners but virtually

Call it TechTown's Retail Boot Camp and it is looking for entrepreneurs with a mission to do business in Detroit. 

"It's intensive programming for entrepreneurs looking to open a brick and mortar location in the city of Detroit for next 6 to 12 months," said Sarah Donnelly of TechTown.

It is 10 weeks of training to get a business owner ready to be transformed from a lightweight to heavyweight in the business community. 

The training covers topics that include identifying startup expenses to funding sources. But it does not stop there.

"They also, all will get coaching from the TechTown team for six months after graduation," she said. "There is a program fee of $499; there is no fee to apply for the program. 

"The program culminates in a pitch event where five of the businesses will win up to $5,000 to help kick start the opening of their brick and mortar location," she said. 

However, when the COVID-19 crisis emerged, TechTown had to pivot to keep this normally in-person program in motion for the year.

"We thought long and hard about whether we delay the program," Donnelly said. "There are businesses that don't have the luxury to wait, so they have to adapt to the market. So we thought it was our responsibility to role model in adapting as well. It will be hosted virtual with the same level of care and intensity."

Part of this training is about learning how to navigate a crisis like COVID-19.

"Crisis will continue to happen and how can we help businesses think through the various tools that they will have at their disposal to maneuver through that."

The retail boot camp has been around since 2013. If you are interested in applying for this year's virtual experience GO TO:

"It is about getting open and staying open," she said.

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