Teen appears in court after charge of false report of traffic stop

Following a teen's report that a fake cop pulled her over in Wyandotte last week, she appeared in court today, charged with filing a fake report of a traffic stop.

"The police officers are working the streets of Downriver cannot do their jobs efficiently and effectively with this type of behavior," said a release sent by the departments.

Today's arraignment follows reports last week that Faith Kathleen Gentry said she was pulled over by an African American man posing as a area police officer.

After the alleged incident, the 17-year-old entered the Southgate Police Department lobby around 9 p.m., saying she was pulled over in the area of Fort Street, near Eureka Road.

Officers then conducted a swift investigation, finding that her story did not match up with the facts. 

Gentry received a $25,000 personal bond, and a pre-trial is scheduled for March 8 at 9 a.m.

What remains unknown is the intention behind the false report.