Teen beaten unconscious in attack at Dearborn Heights Crestwood on video

Police and administrators are investigating the beating of a Crestwood High School student.

The teen was knocked unconscious in a scuffle with other students as bystanders recorded. FOX 2 is told the student is recovering and police have been in contact with him and his family, since the attack.

"That’s a real concern because that kid is knocked out and that’s like five or six kids on top of him," said parent Sparkle Erquhart.

The Crestwood School District provided FOX 2 with a letter it sent to parents saying:

"We are taking this matter very seriously and are working to ensure that all appropriate procedures are followed."

Paul Vanderplow, director of support services, Dearborn Heights Police Department, talked about the investigation.

"We are going to identify, through the video evidence, all the charges we can bring to these individuals to ensure they understand not only the seriousness but also that they are held accountable for their actions," he said.

Vanderplow says officers worked with school administrators to secure video evidence of the attack as well as witness statements.

The boy and his family recently immigrated to the country from Lebanon. Sources say he got into a dispute with another student, which lead to the attack.

"The parents play a role and the schools play a role in all of this but what we’re teaching our kids at home is important," said Tiffany Fuller, a concerned parent.

"I don’t like it. if it was my child I would be livid," said Erquhart. "And somebody had the nerve to video record it and just stand there? Yeah, it’s getting out of hand."

The school district went on to say that what happened is an isolated incident and that type of behavior has no place at Crestwood High School.

"It’s unfortunate we need some positivity in this world, we need people that care and speak up," said Zena Bazzy.

Police want students to come forward with information and will be allowed to remain anonymous.