Teen charged in stealing $41,000 in watches, attacking mall guard with sledgehammer

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Antonio Caeser, left, Anthony Mitchell and Shawn Miller.

Charges were filed against the men accused in a smash and grab robbery at Somerset Mall.

Police say the thieves made a bogus call to 911, claiming shots were fired at Oakland Mall. But their diversion -- didn't work.

They were accused of committing a smash and grab at Somerset Mall while officers were distracted by responding to a phony 911 call and on Friday those three men were in a Troy court.

"The juvenile grabbed a sledgehammer from his pocket and began striking the Cartier watch display," said a Troy police detective. "Once the glass was broken, Caeser reached into the now broken display case and grabbed three Cartier watches valued at $41,000."

That's a Troy police detective explaining to the judge why 17-year-old Antonio Caeser should be charged with using a weapon to steal watches. A crime that if convicted, could mean life in prison.

Police say this same man used the sledgehammer to attack a security guard.

"He's got a bruised arm but he's fine thankfully," said Capt. Bob Redmond, Troy police. "Sledgehammers hurt."

Even though the person accused of smashing the display and stealing the watches is only 17, the judge says it's a serious enough crime to keep him on $100,000 bond that is a full cash bond - meaning if he is to get out of jail before his trial is done, he'll have to put up that money in full.

Two others were also in court -Anthony Mitchell, 22, was arrested and accused of driving the get-away car but was only charged with having a suspended license. Never the less, the judge told him to stay away from Somerset mall.

"Why can't I have contact with Somerset collection if I'm just here on driving," Mitchell said.

Judge: "Sir listen to me, it's my turn to talk."

A third person, Shawn Miller, was also told to stay away  from the mall. He was a passenger in the alleged get-away-car. Miller was charged with possession of a fake credit card.

No one has been charged in connection with making a fake phone call to 911.

911: "What's your emergency?'

"Hey how are you doing? There has been a shooting at Oakland mall, some guy just ran past shooting. Hehe"

But the case remains an open investigation.