Teen found murdered in Mercedes SUV in Pittsfield Twp, drugs suspected

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An Ann Arbor teenager was found shot and killed inside a Mercedes Sunday evening in Pittsfield Township

The family has identified the victim as 19-year-old Brandon Cross of Ann Arbor. Police say they were called to the 2400 block of Dalton Ave around 8 p.m. Sunday. When they arrived, they found the teen slumped over the wheel of a Mercedes SUV.

The victim's father posted a message on his Facebook page saying "Please Lord take this pain away"

Police believe Cross suffered a gunshot wound from an incident that occurred in the 2200 block of Glencoe Hills Drive near this apartment complex

Investigators believe after the victim was shot, he managed to drive his vehicle and landed his car on this front lawn. A day later, the tire tracks and broken glass are still visible.

EMS arrived and tried to save him, a witness said, but it was too late. Police say despite those lifesaving efforts Cross was pronounced dead at the scene

Leon Howard says it's disturbing to learn that a man was shot and killed his neighborhood.

"I just saw a bunch of police cars outside the widow and was wondering what was going on," Howard said. "Typically quiet area not a lot of instances of violence or anything to be concerned about."

Police are still investigating and said they believe that drugs could be related to this case. Anyone who has information about the shooting is asked to contact them immediately.