Teen killed after trying to cross Interstate 20

An 18-year-old was killed Friday morning while running across an interstate.

Grand Prairie police said it happened around 5 a.m. Friday on eastbound I-20 near Great Southwest Parkway.

Witnesses told police four teenagers tried to run across the highway. One teen lost his flip flop and stopped to get it. He was then hit by several vehicles and killed. Police later identified the dead teen as Ryan Sherman.

The drivers who hit the teen did stop to help but the three other teens ran away. Police are now looking for them to question them and why they left.

"We're really interested in talking to those three other teenagers that left. Witnesses indicated that they came across the street, stopped, kind of were talking and then took off southbound into a residential area," Grand Prairie PD Spokesman Lyle Gensler said.

Anyone with information about them is asked to call the Grand Prairie Police Department.