Teen robbed, dragged by vehicle while selling Nike Air Jordan 4 shoes

A 15-year-old was robbed and dragged by a car in a Nike Air Jordan shoe sale set-up in Melvindale Monday.

The boy was selling a pair of Air Jordan 4 shoes worth $200, to who he described as a "friend of a friend" in front of his home in the 3500 block of Northpointe.

The teenager walked up to the driver-side window of a silver or gray Chrysler Town and Country or Dodge Caravan and handed the man the shoes. The driver told the teenager he sent him money on Cash App.

Police say the teenager told the buyer he never received the money. The suspect then ripped the teenager’s glasses off his face and stole them. The teen grabbed onto the driver side door, and the driver hit the gas.

The driver yelled at the teenager to let go, and the teen yelled he’s "not letting go until he gets his glasses." The driver then pushed the teenager, who by now had lost a shoe, off the vehicle, and the teen fell onto the roadway.

The teen told officers the van was doing 30 mph when he was pushed off. The teenager had injuries to his head, face, and body and was taken to the hospital.

"If you plan to buy or sell something, please consider meeting the other party at the Melvindale Police Department," a police spokesperson said. "If someone isn’t willing to meet at the police station, that should be a red flag. Our officers are always willing to stand by to ensure everyone’s safety."