Teen watches uncle fatally shot, DPD says gas station video could crack case

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An innocent man is shot and killed trying to enjoy a night out with family and friends and his killer is still on the loose.

Someone shot and killed Mark Ross on the night of Sept. 23. Ross and his nephew had just gone to a car show at the Coleman A. Young Airport when they stopped at a gas station on the corner of Van Dyke and Grinnell on the city's east side.

Gunfire followed and a teenage boy witnessed his uncle's murder.

"It traumatized me," said D'Juan Rushing. "I still think about it until this day."

On security video, Rushing and his uncle Ross, 28, are seen walking out of the gas station. Rushing was pumping gas when Ross got back in his car, maybe 30 seconds later, there was gunfire and customers ran for cover. 

Police say this is a case of an innocent bystander caught in the crossfire from a group of individuals arguing nearby who decided to pull out their guns. With loud cars going up and down the road, it's difficult to make out which direction the bullet came from, but the confrontation ended with Ross shot in the head.
Before the tragedy the odds would have been impossible. 

"I think you'd have better chance of being struck by lightning," said 

Surveillance video at the gas station is how the public can't help investigators solve this case. While Rushing was frantically calling 911 from inside, a man in a green shirt walked in, one shoe missing and out of breath. 

Police believe he may have been involved with the confrontation and has the answers they need to capture the killer. 

Paul Ross was a husband, a father, a brother, a man loved by so many. His grieving family is looking for some kind of closure.

"I've got two boys I have to raise now alone," said Delorian Ross, his wife. "It hurts."

"He was our glue," said Patrice Ross, his sister. "He was the one to keep our family together. He always looked out for everybody. Just a great man."

"It was a life changing thing," Rushing said. "It is something hard to go through. What was done to my uncle, he didn't deserve it."

 Police believe this man who walked into the gas station right after the shooting may have more information on what happened and he could very well know who the killer is. 

If you have any information on who that man is, call Detroit police (313-596-5200) or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SPEAK-UP.