Teenage boy on dialysis among two people killed in Detroit shooting

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A man and teenage boy are dead after a triple shooting in northwest Detroit.

A woman was also struck but is expected to survive.

The incident took place around 5 p.m. Friday on Fielding near Santa Clara.

Four men armed to the hilt one with an Uzi type weapon opened fire on the home.

One of the two people killed was 38-year-old Rashawn Johnson. Relatives say the other deceased was a teenage boy on dialysis. He was inside this home on Fielding when he was struck several times.

It's unclear what sparked the shooting but police may have an idea.

Officers responded to a family trouble disturbance call about 30 minutes earlier.

Police say someone hit a man in the head with an unknown weapon and the victim refused treatment, and did not share any information with police.

Commander Jacqueline Pritchett of the Detroit Police Department said the man said he would be OK, and officers leave. Minutes later, a call came in about shots fired at the same location.

A man who did not want to be identified was in the area when the violence struck driving to his in laws home with his wife.

He said as soon as he saw the commotion, they began driving in the opposite direction but their SUV was struck by one of the rounds.