Teens arrested for social media threats against student

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Ryan Stevens

Three teenagers now facing life in prison for allegedly planning a murder at a high school in Genesee County. According to police, it all started with a Facebook post that lead into threats on Instagram. Now, three teens are charged with conspiring to shoot up a school.

Julie Dando took in 18-year-old Ryan Stevens one month ago. She said he had no where to go and was friends with her 13-year-old daughter, so she let him live here at their home in Linden.

"He's a sweet young boy. I could ask him to do anything, he'd have no problems, no complaining," Dando said. "He's a good kid. I took him in because he was homeless."

But on October 28th, sources say the school resource officer at Linden High School was made aware of threats against a female student on Instagram. Those threats were of a shooting that would happen at the school on October 30th.

"I don't know if it would have been a mass shooting but who's to say. I don't have a crystal ball, I can't say, but could they have carried it out? Yes," Argentine Twp Police Chief Daniel Allen said.

After learning of the threats, police moved quickly. On October 29th, they arrested Stevens as well as two 15-year-olds: Cody Brewer from Wolverine Lake and Lamar Michael Dukes of West Bloomfield. Both 15-year-olds are friends with Stevens, police say.

"They had the ability to purchase firearms were considering purchasing firearms and what we're finding out too and they possibly had access to others as well. That would (have given) them the means to carry out the threat," Allen said.

Police said they were concerned about potential threats against the high school and perhaps even the nearby middle school. According to sources, it all started with a female student's post on Facebook that Stevens didn't like. That spurred the eventual threats from him and his friends.

"You have to be careful what you say on social media because sometimes it can have consequences," Allen said.

Argentine Twp. Police Detective Doug Fulton arrested Stevens and said they have to take these things seriously. The FBI and state police picked up the others. Parents at the school are grateful they did.

"We trust in the lord. We know that the administration is on top of it and will follow protocol. So that's where we put our trust," one parent said.

Police say more charges could be coming for Stevens. Dando told FOX 2's Amy Lange she was told those charges are related to child porn.

"Him taking videos of his friends but his friends were underage," Dando said.

Current charges against the teens include conspiracy to commit first degree murder, which carries a life sentence, and threats of terrorism, which means 20 years in prison.