Temu Super Bowl commercials: What to know about the Chinese company vying for American shoppers

Temu’s Super Bowl commercials were a topic of discussion during the game. 

Commercials for the Chinese shopping site aired multiple times, putting eyeballs and the spotlight on the company eager to take on Amazon and break into the American marketplace

Here’s what to know about the company vying for shoppers

Temu Super Bowl commercials

Temu aired three commercials during the game and reportedly also paid for two post-game commercials. 

The animated ad aired alongside a catchy jingle, with another "Shop like a Billionaire" commercial also in rotation. 

Temu Super Bowl discount code

The company also doubled down on its lure to American buyers this year by offering tons of prizes – $5 million worth of coupons and credits, to be exact. 

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Temu’s "Big Game Ad Encore" is running through Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2024. 

How much is a Super Bowl commercial? 


Image: Temu press

Super Bowl commercial prices for 2024 were reported to have a $7 million price tag for a 30-second spot during the game. 

Given that Temu aired three ads during the game, the cost for that alone is around an estimated $21 million. 

What is Temu app? 


Image: Temu press

Temu is an online retailer that offers everything from clothing to beauty products to electronics and household items. 

It’s owned by the parent of Chinese e-commerce company Pinduoduo.

The lure of Temu shopping is the unbelievably cheap prices – sometimes only cents on the dollar. 

Temu became available to the U.S. market in 2022 and rose in popularity. In 2023, it was the most downloaded free app on Apple devices, surpassing popular social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram and YouTube.

Given the foreign company’s super cheap prices and multi-million dollar spending on American advertising, many were wondering on social media how Temu could afford such a plan and what their business practices were.

How is Temu so cheap?

Currently, the research firm Marketplace Pulse estimates Temu has more than 100,000 merchants based in China that sell goods on its platform. 

Factories act as merchants and ship their products to Temu warehouses in China, which are then delivered directly to consumers in the U.S. and other countries.

The company says the set-up allows it to cut out multiple middlemen and offer lower prices. But news outlets have reported accounts of sellers who say they've been pressured to cut prices so low that it's challenging for them to make a profit.

In the U.S., Temu was included in an investigation done by a Congressional committee last summer into products offered to American consumers that could be made with forced labor in China.

Some U.S. lawmakers are eager to counter China’s economic power and what they view as an exploitation of trade loopholes.

In the report, the House Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party said Temu’s business model essentially allows the company to avoid responsibility in complying with a U.S. law that block imports from China’s Xinjiang region unless businesses can prove the items were made without forced labor.

"American consumers should know that there is an extremely high risk that Temu’s supply chains are contaminated with forced labor," the report said.

This story was reported from Detroit. The Associated Press contributed.