Ten Metro Detroit schools have been threatened with violence within the week

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In the ten days since a maniac killed 17 high school students and teacher in a Florida high school, Detroit area schools have seen their share of threats.

On Friday, Berkley was the tenth local school district dealing with a possible threat after a bullet was found in the school. A similar scare happened in Garden City on Wednesday, a 15-year-old boy in Melvindale was charged with threatening his school, and an 18-year-old is being held on a $10 million bond for a similar threat in South Lyon.

Threats were also investigated at Fraser, Dakota, Almont, Belleville, Lincoln Park, Plymouth, Canton, and Salem high school. All were thankfully just threats.

But that have to be taken seriously.

"With social media it's out of control," Lisa Pettyes, Fraser School Outreach Officer said. "Kids can put what they hear immediately and the problem is kids don't hear anything from a source."

Pettyes said they've had multiple threats since the Valentine's Day massacre.

"We've been running from rumor to rumor trying to make sure none of the rumors are true," Pettyes said.

The consequences for making threats or even spreading false rumors can lead your suspension or expulsion from school.

If a student you know makes a threat, police don’t' want you to share or repost it - they want you to report it and call 911.