Terrence Kellom's mom: 'I have nothing to say to Kym Worthy'

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Terrance Kellom's family is angry about the prosecutor's decision not to press charges.

They still insist the deadly shooting of the 20-year-old at the west side house on Evergreen by a federal agent was unprovoked.

FOX 2: "As a mom, what would you say to Kym Worthy?"

"I would have nothing to say to her," said Terrence's mother, Nelda Kellom.

Kellom's family was frustrated reflecting on Kym Worthy's decision not to file criminal charges against federal officer Mitchell Quinn for the shooting.

"As a mother she let me down," Nelda Kellom said.

"All these days waiting just to say justified homicide," said Kevin Kellom, Terrence's mother. "That wasn't justified homicide that was a justified assassination."

But the family thinks this decision has further implications.

"She just okayed for police to run around and kill black men like the way they're doing," said Kevin Kellom. "That's not right."

Was this killing racial?

"Kym Worthy understands that this was not a Black Lives Matter issue," said Ron Scott, activist and family spokesperson. "Terrence Kellom was black and his life did matter."

The ICE agent, Mitchell Quinn, is black.

"The issue is that you have institutional racism," Scott said.

Kevin Kellom said his son was scared.

"He was scared at what he'd seen police do to other guys on the north end," Kevin Kellom said. "I've had my teeth knocked out by the police."

The family says they are contemplating civil litigation and because a federal officer was involved, they want the feds to look into criminal charges.

"I appreciate all the support that we have," said Nelda Kellom. "I have nothing more to say."