Testing out that garlic clove peeling technique

You've seen it. We've seen it - that mesmerizing video of a person removing and peeling garlic clove after garlic clove from the bulb with just a knife. 

So does it actually work? We tested out the method Wednesday on The Nine. 

Deena, Derek and Lee each had their own bulb of garlic to try it out. You can watch in the video player to see how it went. 

Here's the original video that has everyone mesmerized. It quickly went viral after superstar Chrissy Teigen tweeted out the video.

The person in the video is holding the bulb upside down, puts the knife in the side of the clove and gives it a little clockwise twist. Deena tried exactly that and the clove split in half.

Derek seemed to get the hang of it at first, but then it wasn't really working. Even removing the first layer of paper to make it a little easier didn't give better results. 

"As much as this looks like a fail, it is getting me the chunks out pretty quickly," Derek ended up saying. He was getting peeled pieces out in little chunks, though never a whole clove. "This is more convenient." He said he's rate it as a 60% "we did it."

In a more professional test of sorts, America's Test Kitchen also debunked the technique on its social media. They seemed to have the same results - some peeled cloves came out, but most were split like we saw too.