Texas boy fights for life after he was set on fire

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A 10-year-old special needs boy is fighting for his life after he was set on fire by bullies, according to his family.

A juvenile has been charged in the arson attack on Kayden Culp, who is on life support and being kept sedated.

The Kerrville Fire Marshal said in a statement Wednesday that the juvenile, who hasn't been named, is "responsible for causing the victim's severe burns." San Antonio television station WOAI reports that the fire marshal says the juvenile has been charged with first-degree arson.

Officials responding to a fire Sunday afternoon in Kerrville, Texas found Kayden burned.

The victim's aunt Kelly Mack told News 4 San Antonio that the 10-year-old was playing in a field with two other children when one boy doused him with gasoline and another set him on fire on Sunday afternoon. The floor of a shed also burned.

His mother, Tristyn Hatchett, says he was airlifted to a hospital and is in an induced coma. She says the burns cover 20 percent of his body, from his ears to his belly. 

Hatchett wrote on Facebook that Kayden is still on feeding tubes and breathing machines. 


The Associated Press contributed to this report.