That's one way to get a snow day. Transportation issues give Warren students second day off

By extreme weather or the prayers of a student, kids enrolled at Warren Consolidated Schools were blessed with their second snow day in a row.

By the superintendent's standard, the reason is highly unusual.

"I've been a superintendent for quite a while and I've never had this happen," said Robert Livernois.

At least 12 of the district's 100 buses had mechanical issues and broke down in the middle of their runs. As the transportation issues reached double digits, Livernois made the call to cancel school.

"We were up to almost a dozen buses that had broken down in a very short time," he said. "I can only imagine the challenges it was for parents."

About 40 minutes later, the tough call was made to call off school for the 7,000 students and their parents. 

"Given the potential domino effect that that would have if buses continued to break down, not knowing what the reason was, we had to cancel school," said Livernois.

The cause of the problems is unusual considering roughly 60 of the district's fleet is less than two years old. 

"We are working all day today to investigate this problem and expect to have a solution ready for tomorrow," said Livernois.

Luckily, the issue was communicated well and by 7 a.m., all students were accounted for. What isn't uncertain is that school is definitely on the table for tomorrow.