The American's with Charlie LeDuff: Ground Zero of the North Dakota Oil Boom

Tens of thousands of Americans are drifting into places like Williston, North Dakota where the oil boom is making the small town the epicenter of opportunity.

If you're willing to work 100 hours a week you could make $100,000 in a year.  Along with opportunity there are problems and a changing landscape to small town life that's as harsh as winter on the northern planes.

Employment's up, but so is crime, a lack of housing and the lack of a real infrastructure to handle the boom.

In another installment in the series The Americans with Charlie LeDuff, Charlie and his crew meet up with an oil patch preacher by the name of Ron Evitt, who takes them along his crusade across the oil fields for a unique look at life as field hand.

Play the video in player to get the full story.  Play the additional Daily Minute videos to get a few more slices of life in Williston, N.D., including Charlie sleeping in a car during temperatures of 40 degrees below zero; Charlie taking a cold shower at a truck stop and the owner of the Triple T Ranch offering his definitions of the terms liberal and conservative.

Looking for work up there?  Don't just show up. There's an application process to follow.