The American's with Charlie LeDuff: Why did it take people to die before you sent out recall notices

A young man dies in 2009 when his General Motors, Pontiac G5 careened into a tree. His death isn't one of the 13 GM admits is linked to a faulty ignition switch in 2.5 million cars. But Benjamin Hair's crash fits the pattern: Loss of control. No Airbag deployment. Ben's parents say they couldn't prove the accident was related to a defect because the car's black box had been destroyed.

Months after his death, Ben's parents started receiving recall notices for the power steering. Just last week they received a recall notice for the ignition switch.

Ben's father, Gordon Hair: "Why didn't you tell people about the problem sooner? Why did it take people to die before you sent out recall notices."

See the full story in the video player in this edition of The Americans with Charlie LeDuff.

This story is not about Democrat or Republican. White collar or blue collar. The Hair family says this is about accountability from a sprawling government and massive corporations concerned most about the bottom line. That has to change for the sake of our children.