The Clintons dish on White House, Wikileaks and TV binges in Detroit

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Thousands of metro Detroiters and quite a few out-of-towners gave the Clintons a roaring welcome at the Fox Theater Friday night. 

Actor Ben Stiller played moderator in the former first family's stop in Detroit-part of a 13-city cross country tour.

They dished on everything from The White House war stories, civility, and substance over slogans and sound bytes on the campaign trail.

"Demand that candidates tell you what they're going to do, not just in a slogan or broad brush, but actually tell you what they are going to do, so you as a voter can make decisions," said Hillary Clinton.

The Clintons say that's what got Congresswoman Haley Stevens elected in 2018. She and Shinola received big shout-outs as the Clintons talked jobs and manufacturing.

"We need a serious discussion about how to bring more jobs that pay well to places that feel left out and left behind," Bill Clinton said. "You can't do it with slogans and smears."

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Secretary Clinton dished on her time in The White House and shared a rarely told story about the SEAL team's raid that killed Osama Bin Laden and what they did before blowing up that downed chopper.

"Our SEALs took the time to take the women and children, the wives of Bin Laden and his cohorts and their children out of the compound, around the far side so they wouldn't be injured by the blast," Hillary said. "People criticize us, we're a big country, we can take the criticism and we should learn from it. I think about those SEALs risking their lives to take those women and children out so that they wouldn't be injured when they blew up that copter, before they got out of that dangerous situation." 

Decency shown even to enemies. And the Clintons suggesting perhaps we could learn something from that.

"People talk to each other routinely in ways my mother would have whipped me for doing when I was a little boy," Bill said. "And I don't think it is cool, I don't think it proves ... Look everyone has something that they can resent. But if you spend all your time just dumping on people because they are the object of your resentment, it won't make you happy, it won't empower you, it won't change somebody else's life for the better. And in the end it will bring you to the type of politics that we have today."

The Republican National Convention had a lot to say about this tour stop -- namely, that Hillary finally discovered Michigan. Many say her neglect of battleground states, including Michigan, cost her the 2016 election. The Clinton's next stop is Philadelphia.