The Doctor Is In: Handling Holiday Stress

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Dr. Maureen Anderson, Integrative Medicine Beaumont Health
Stephanie Macey, Nurse/Acupuncturist Beaumont Health 

What is stress?

+ An internal/external condition or stimulus that challenges the homeostasis of an organism "An interplay between a stimulus and our adaptive response."

+  Influenced by:
Health/strength of the organism/person
Personality/perceptions of the person

+  Cortisol: increases blood sugar, decreases bone density and muscle mass, increased central fat, decreased thyroid function, change in cognition

+  Epinephrine: increased HR/BP. Shunt blood toward muscles, brain-amygdala, tunnel vision

Symptoms that can be caused by stress:

· Headache
· Muscle tension/pain
· Digestive issues/IBS
· Increased anxiety/depression
· Sleep issues

What is integrative medicine and how can it help?

. The science of combining multiple therapies to enhance conventional care
· Massage
· Acupuncture
· Yoga Therapy
· NDs
· RDs
· all practitioners have the highest level of training/certification and supervised by a physician

Some simple strategies that can be done at home to reduce stress: 

· Maintain rhythms/routines as able
· Treats are ok but should be the exception rather than the rule
· Unleash creativity
· Tulsi tea
· Say NO
· Gratitude journal
· Self love
· Aromatherapy
· Move; dance to Christmas carols, wrap presents at the kitchen counter, while standing
· Outside at least a little-or enjoy nature inside,
· Put down the devices. Digital stress
· Social connection is good!-don’t over do-spread it into the new year
· Volunteer
· Reach out if suffering
· Be in the present moment