The Doctor Is In: Vaping

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Expert : 
Sanjay Dogra, M.D.
Medical Director, Lung Nodule Clinic  Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak

Michigan is banning the sale of all marijuana vaping products.  The state wants it off the shelves until it can further test for the presence of Vitamin-E Acetate and its impact on lungs.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention believes it maybe linked to 47 deaths and more than  2,000 illnesses nationwide.  Numbers that are expected to grow.  Dr. Sanjay Dogra works with lung patients and is researching and helping patients affected by vaping. He says there is still so much to learn about vaping and its impact on lungs. 

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Lung cancer number one cancer killer in U.S., claiming more lives that colorectal, breast, pancreatic and prostate cancer combined.
People with Lung cancer often experience few or no symptoms, or be asymptomatic.  Early detection can save lives. 
You may be at high risk for lung cancer if you're a smoker or  former smoker who has quit in the past 15 years, ages 55-77,  have a 30-pack year smoking history. 
Beaumont Health offers a free online lung cancer risk assessment.