The fate of DACA - is the 'Dreamer' program dead?

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President Donald Trump ends DACA, the program to protect dreamers -- undocumented immigrants who came here as children.

But he says it's up to Congress to fix it. Is he giving them a challenge he knows they can't handle -- or has he had a change of heart.

Does he actually now love the dreamers as he claims? Our panel tackles this and more in both segments.

On the panel:

Merari Mirelles, born in Mexico and brought to the US when she was 3. She is now a Greektown worker and college student.

Eusebia Aquino, born in Puerto Rico, raised in southwest Detroit, outspoken immigration advocate.

Brandon Brice, a native Detroiter and former Democrat turned Republican.

Jamie Roe, conservative consultant and co-founder of the Grand River Strategies.

On the Road

Charlie Langton asks metro Detroiters about dreamers and DACA.