‘The Masked Singer’: Lizard slithers out of the competition

Lizard said goodnight for the final time on Wednesday night’s "The Masked Singer" reveal and people who grew up in the 90s were probably already singing that one song in their heads – you know the one. 

The celebrity beneath the lizard mask turned out to be Grammy-nominated and multi-platinum artist Sisqó. 


Sisqó revealed as Lizard on "The Masked Singer."  (FOX)

Sisqó, whose real birth name is Mark Althavan Andrews, was part of the R&B group Dru Hill until 1992 before he set off on his solo career. 

Sporting his signature bleach blonde hair, the international star said he joined "The Masked Singer" because not only did his family love watching the show but the panelists and fans have more than once guessed Sisqo was on previous seasons. 


FILE - Sisqó from the 1990. (Paul Natkin/WireImage)

"Every time we saw a season, everybody would always say, ‘Hey, that’s got to be Sisqo.’ So, when I got an opportunity to do it, I seized it and it’s been really fun," he said.

And in lieu of any parting words, Sisqo performed his wildly popular 90s hit, the "Thong Song." 

Fans went crazy for his parting performance, and panelist Rita Ora in particular, could not stop smiling as she proclaimed she is Sisqo’s biggest fan. 

"That made my whole night," Ora said.


Lizard removing his mask on "The Masked Singer."

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Next week on ‘The Masked Singer’ 

Next week’s "The Masked Singer" theme is "Transformers Night" to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the "Transformers" franchise. 

Special guests will include Optimus Prime and Bumblebee as each celebrity singer performs a song that was featured in a "Transformers" movie. 

There will also be a double elimination which means two contestants will be going home. 

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