The Means Group gives new home, fresh start to woman in Highland Park

A woman who's been living in the same Highland Park home for 28 years is getting a fresh start thanks to a Detroit development company that's helping her move -- and is paying for the whole thing.

"The privacy fence, you can't beat that, I just love it," said Doris McCarver.

Doris is getting ready to move into her new home in Highland Park.

"This is my room and it's so beautiful, I picked the colors," she said. "And my cousin he coming with me, this will be his room."

For the past 28 years, Doris lived in this house a few miles away. The neighborhood on the decline for years. Detroit-based development company The Means Group announced plans to build a new industrial park and talked Doris into relocating with the company picking up the tab.

"When I first walked in I'm going to need ceiling fans," she said. "They said 'Ms. McCarver, we're going to give you central air conditioning," she said.

Contractors remodeled the home -- new appliances, new flooring, new granite countertops. Doris is overjoyed.

"You see it on TV then it's happening to me," she said. "Am I dreaming?"

"It's a beautiful thing especially this time of year and to such a deserving person," said Edward McNeil, The Means Group consultant

The Means Group is still working to relocate a few more people so they can get started on demolition and then construction of the new industrial park.

"The good thing they're such a good corporate citizen, the Means Group, to come in and help Highland Park," said Mayor Hubert Yopp.

"We have to think about who we are today in society and it is always to help someone - and that is what the Means Group does," McNeil said. "Not only for redevelopment but also for the people inside the area," McNeil said.

And the cherry on top? A check presented to Doris for $5,000 for a new beginning.

"They did over what I expected and I'm so grateful," she said.