The search for shooter who left 9-year-old permanently blind in one eye

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Malik Cosey, Jr., a young boy, was sitting in a car waiting to go to the movies when a stranger ran up and fired at him last weekend. It is a phone call a parent should never have to make.

911 call: "My son just got shot in his face over here on Murray Hill."

Saturday afternoon, April 1, the father of Malik Cosey Jr. calls 911. The 9-year-old boy is in the car with other children and his grandmother is on her way out the door. They were about to leave for a movie - and that's when a man walked up and opened fire.

911 call: "He was sitting in my grandmother's car when they shot. And there's a bullet right here in her front seat. It is the same bullet he got shot with."

The shooter is still out there.

"I'm begging from the bottom of my heart," said Ciera Milo, Cosey's mother. "Please turn yourself in."

Shot in the face, the young boy is permanently blind in his right eye but yet, his spirits remain high.

"The main thing is he's worried about a McChicken and McFlurrie, so, I'm just glad he's happy, he has an appetite and he got his spirits back."

At this time, investigators for Detroit Police have very little to go on, but the getaway car is a light gray or silver Dodge Magnum with tinted windows, with possibly a broken tail light. Several people were in the vehicle.

The intended targets for the gunman are other individuals who ran away.

"The shooter got out of the rear passenger side of the vehicle and upon his exit, he began firing at the three individuals who began running in different directions," says Sgt. Todd Eby, DPD homicide task force. "I think there is an equal balance between the anger and outrage directed at the individuals who did this. But there is equal anger and outrage from a detective standpoint when you get little to no cooperation from the 12 or 15 people that had a front row seat to all this."

"This goes out to my brothers in the street. It's not snitching when something happens to a little kid," says Malik Cosey, Sr.

One more plea from the little boy's mother:

"There is love out here in the city of Detroit," she says. "This could have been your child. Just think about not being able to see your child smile again."

There is a cash reward for information leading to an arrest this case. You can call 1-800-Crime-Stoppers where you will remain anonymous.