The story of comic book writer, Saladin Ahmed

Finding your place in the world may be one of the most difficult things you’ll ever have to do in your life. But for Marvel Writer, Saladin Ahmed, there was no question. 

“From a pretty early age, I was writing little comics scripts and making up stories,” said Ahmed. 

Growing up in Detroit, Ahmed, like millions of other children, found a place within the pages of comics.

“I was born in the south end of Dearborn and grew up in the south end. I went to Forton High School,” he said. “Comic books, Particularly Marvel Comic, really taught me how to read. Like I said, I didn't necessarily have the best formal education around in my early years, but there were always comics around, and even when I found books intimidating, comic books were always accessible.” 

Ahmed has been writing comic books for years. One of his books is titled “Abbot”, which told the story of a young, African American journalist in Detroit during the 70’s,

Now, Ahmed is taking on a daunting task starting a new line for one of the most recognizable heroes on the market, Spiderman. 

Ahmed believes that finding his voice in comics has had a positive side effect on being a role model to children he can connect with.

“If anything it’s thrilling to meet other kids from Detroit,” he said. “Other Arab American kids, African American kids who are sort of interested in trying to tell these stories themselves and can see somebody from this place and who kind of has a background that may be similar to theirs.”

Ahmed considers himself to be Detroit born and Detroit proud.