The Trump campaign and Russia; impeachment talk

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Part 1: The Trump campaign and Russia

Former FBI director Robert Mueller will lead a probe investigating any possible campaign ties between Russia and President Donald Trump.

There seems to be support on both sides of the aisle, following his appointment. While the president also said today he is close to naming a new FBI director and signs are pointing to former Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman.

The president's growing scandal is the big topic on Let It Rip - is this a witch hunt or the beginning of what looks like Watergate?

Part 2: Is impeachment talk premature?

Some on Capitol Hill are already talking about impeachment before we've seen any evidence of a crime.

Is it a smart strategy -- or will it come back to bite his critics in the end?

On the panel:

Michael McDaniel, lawyer, professor, and retired National Guard brigadier general.

State Rep. Pete Lucido (R-Macomb County)

Paul Eisenstein, reporter in business and in politics and National Public Radio contributor.

Andrew "Rocky" Razczkowski, soldier, businessman, and conservative pundit

Part 3: On the Road

Charlie Langton asks metro Detroit if they fear the president has given away any secrets to Russia.