'The whole world is being controlled' says vaccine hesitant Beaumont worker as mandate deadline looms

This man identifies himself as a medical assistant at Beaumont Hospital where he is still on the job - but upset over the health system's ultimatum of forcing all employees to be vaccinated for the coronavirus.

"It’s control, the whole world is being controlled," said an unidentified Beaumont employee. "It just kind of puts a lot of people in a sticky situation

"I think it was unfair because a lot of people are being forced to do so like myself."

Officials at Beaumont say 1-percent of their workforce, specifically 370 of 33,000 employees, were suspended for not meeting COVID vaccine requirements before this week’s deadline.

About 70 employees have resigned because they have chosen to not get vaccinated.

"I got the first one and I’m very hesitant of getting the second one," he said.

FOX 2 reached out to Beaumont officials for an interview and information regarding how many doctors and nurses were suspended or decided to resign but officials provided a statement only, which reads in part:

"We hope that those 370 employees will choose to get vaccinated and return to work soon. If they choose to not meet our vaccine requirements by November 16th, their employment will be terminated."

"It just sucks," the employee said. "Because a lot of people are at risk of losing jobs, homes, livelihoods."

Beaumont is one of many hospitals across the country with a COVID 19 vaccine mandate.

Henry Ford Health System in Detroit…also implemented a vaccine mandate

Medical professionals like Dr Matthew Sims of Beaumont, say the vaccine is the most effective way to control the virus.

"Get the vaccine as soon as you can," he said. "The vaccine protects against pretty much most of the variants that are out there right now."

But some continue to practice vaccine hesitancy.

*Some people are just afraid because of how (their body) might react," the employee said.

Many say they don’t blame employers for the mandates but instead the federal government

"It’s not fair I think we should have freedom of choice.

This medical worker wishes more attention were placed on other ways to keeps hospital staff safe

"I’m thankful for the hospital we do work at," he said. "The PPE stuff is put in place, so they make sure we’re taken care of."